Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Frugal Fantasies

I feel it's appropriate to first introduce The Butterscotch Tabby. He is known as Nicky, named after George Eads from the TV show CSI. He, himself, was a bargain as a rescued kitten. The cost for Nicky was $58.00 from a local animal rescue. With the adoption of an animal you usually receive the first visit to the veterinarian free. When Nicky was given his physical and shots we were also given a "kitten kit" full of vitamins, free samples of kitten food, and coupons for more food and cat litter. The bill at the vets came to $68.00 so using my free visit certificate I made $10.00. I took the ten dollar profit and bought a litter box and litter. The litter box and litter both were purchased using coupons saving me $3.00. I then took the $3.00 and with the coupons from the vet visit bought kitten food. So in the end, Nicky (The Butterscotch Tabby), a litter box, litter, and kitten food cost our family $2.00! By far, our best bargain EVER!
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