Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Show About Couponing

There is a new show starting on April 6th called "Extreme Couponing" on TLC. These are some serious ladies that find shopping to be a money-saving sport. They spend hours preparing for their shopping trips armed with store flyers and coupons for the items on sale. Their goal is to leave the store with everything they bought costing them absolutely nothing at the cash register.

This seems like a great show for anyone just starting out trying to use a few coupons and for the hardcore coupon Queens that make a killing every week on grocery day. I for one, will definitely be watching and taking notes. I want to be a "Coupon Queen", too! I fancied myself quite a bargain shopper by using $10 to $20 worth of coupons as often as possible on a single shopping trip. But these ladies blow me out of the water. The only comment I might add, without seeing the show yet, is I won't buy unhealthy prepackaged, frozen things like "Tator Tots" or something of no nutritional value just to get it cheap or free. I know it may sound wasteful to pass on a bag of free Tator Tots but the toll that kind of eating takes on your body is far more expensive in my mind. I would not condemn anyone else that feels differently about that. Hey, eat your free Tator Tots and be happy! Free feels good no matter what.

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